Teachers’ Guide

Using your Survival Kit

Thank you for using Coaching Conservation’s Covid-19 Survival Kit.

By now, you may have recieved a copy of the Covid-19 Survival Kit for the family. (If not, you can download your own copy using the link at the bottom of this page.) This resource is designed to supply you, your students, and the casual reader with reliable, accurate information about Covid-19, while also containing a variety of activities that kids can undertake either in the classroom or at home.

You may find it useful to familiarise yourself with the booklet before using it as a teaching aid in class. The booklet could function as a useful guide for a general discussion around Covid-19, allowing you to inform your students about the continuing threat posed by Covid-19, while also reassuring them with advice about how to stay safe, and what they should do if they think they may have become infected, or live with someone who is showing symptoms.

Once you are satisfied that your students are well acquainted with the facts relating to this disease and how to respond to it, you might want to try out some of the activities in the booklet. If you have access to a printer, why not print the Crossword and Word Search page, or the Vulture drawing activity page, and allow your students to try to complete these? (These could be printed double sided on a single sheet for each student.)

You might also choose to print out the Check Your Knowledge page from the back of the booklet, as a quick way to test how well your students have understood everything you have been telling them.

If you don’t have access to a printer, you can still use the Check Your Knowledge section to run a verbal Q&A session, checking the kids have understood the key messages relating to Covid-19.

You may also have received print-outs of the Poster page (“We are all connected”). Please encourage your students to design their own posters, whether with drawings, poems, songs or whatever they choose, but do try to direct them to incorporate our Respect messages which are so central to tackling health issues like Covid-19 (Respect Yourself, Respect Each Other, Respect Your Environment!). See page 9 of the Survival Kit for some discussion topics related to the role of vultures in keeping our environment clean and healthy. Try to get your students to think about all the ways we are connected with each other and with wild animals, and what this means in terms of our reliance on keeping nature healthy if we are to remain healthy ourselves.

You could also discuss some of the other activities included in the booklet, encouraging the kids to try making their own Tippy Taps at home, or to try digging a circular garden.

Lastly, encourage your students to sign the pledge at the bottom of their posters – committing them to passing on everything they have learned to their parents and other members of their community as we aim to widen awareness around this dangerous disease and the connections which both unite and bind us. Remember to send us photos of the best entries to win prizes.

You can find further information and classroom activities from the Botswana Ministry of Health and Wellness here.


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