“My favourite memory is when the BIG elephant walked right past our game vehicle that we were in. The ranger told us to be quiet and just to respect its space. I was a little bit scared but I knew that if we gave it space and respected it then it wouldn’t harm us.”

Mihle Njovane

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“I loved learning about elephants and that they protect their loved ones and take care of their herd just like we humans take care of our family and loved ones. I loved going to Amakhala Game Reserve and seeing an elephant for the first time- it was so big and proud of itself.”

Xhanti Nondze

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“My favourite memory is that I got to see an elephant in the wild for the first time. I also learnt interesting facts about animals that I didn’t know before. I wish I could go again. I wish that more people could see animals and learn about why they are important.”

Gcobani Sokhiya

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“CC is a great initiative. It gives Coaches an opportunity to introduce children to wildlife, to teach them about wild animals and their roles in the wild, their behavioral skills, and also how to protect them and their environment from being destroyed…”

Abongile Tembane

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“What I like most about CC is the treatment we get: the respect and kindness; basically we are one big family. CC has taught me many things: things like to respect myself, respecting others, respect the environment. Also it has taught me a lot about wild animals. Now I love animals, all thanks to CC…”

Zolani Witbooi

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“CC is the best – in fact the greatest – program ever! It inspired me from the word go. I liked the energy it generates and brings to its audience, the knowledge it imparts to people about wildlife, and how it brings the animals’ characters into soccer…”

SImbongile Tembane

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I feel truly inspired by the children that took part in the program. The questions, attitudes and confidence that erupted were incredible. I learned that it is crucial to inspire kids to make a difference in the world that we live in.
Kate Muir, Eastern Cape Program Facilitator

Working on the 6 week and one day Bush RAP programs was such a rewarding and inspiring experience. Seeing the smiles light up as the kids walked on to the soccer field every day was so encouraging and it was amazing to see how each individual kid reacted to the program and the new experiences it gave them. I felt a great sense of accomplishment when I saw changes in the kids’ attitudes towards animals, the environment and the importance of conservation. Getting to know so many kids has taught me so much about the culture in South Africa and why our work is so important. I am so lucky to have had the privilege to meet and work with so many amazing people. I can’t thank everyone enough for making my time here so special.

Dee, Coaching Conservation Volunteer Coach


“I learned small facts that I didn’t know about certain animals and terms associated with these animals. I made new connections and saw how some learners opened up and blossomed. The children even used terms in their everyday conversations.”

Mrs Kagiso

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“I think that it is an incredible 6 weeks for these children, they have progressed so much from the first week to the last. They gained so much more confidence and have learnt and understood so much more about what’s happening with the poaching in SA.”

Mr Mogapi

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Incorporating physicality into the conservation education helps the children to really think about
the specific animals and their way of life through the ‘being’ of the animals. Hopefully this program will really inspire the children to ‘spread the word’, to each try to help in their own small way and leave them with a positive attitude!”

Mrs Ngobeni

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