Age: 12 years old (Grade 6 C4C Alumni)
School: Good Shepherd Primary School

What is your favourite memory from C4C?
“I loved learning about elephants and that they protect their loved ones and take care of their herd just like we humans take care of our family and loved ones. I loved going to Amakhala Game Reserve and seeing an elephant for the first time- it was so big and proud of itself.”

What was your favourite activity at C4C?
“I loved playing the conservation game called Rhino Rescue: the rhinos had to protect themselves against the poachers. There was also a Game Ranger who was helping the rhinos. I was a rhino and I defended myself against the poacher. We learned that if we have more people protecting rhinos then less will be poached.”

 How does it make you feel when you hear about rhino being poached?
“I feel very sad because when they are killed they leave their loved ones behind. I wish people would stop poaching rhinos- their horns are not medicine!”

If you were president for a day, what is one thing that you would like to change?
“I would make sure that people stop terrorizing animals. If we do not take care of our animals then the food web will break down and the animals will die. By hurting the animals we are hurting ourselves.”

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