Age: 12 years old (Grade 6 Alumni)
School: Good Shepherd Primary School

What is your favourite memory from C4C?
“My favourite memory is when the BIG elephant walked right past our game vehicle that we were in. The ranger told us to be quiet and just to respect its space. I was a little bit scared but I knew that if we gave it space and respected it then it wouldn’t harm us.”

What was your favourite activity?
“Playing soccer with the boys and learning how to defend our goals against the poachers. It was so much fun!”

What is something that you learned at C4C that you didn’t know before?
“I didn’t know that there were two types of rhino in South Africa. The black and the white rhino. I also learned that a black rhino has a hooked lip and he eats bushes and a white rhino eats grass and has a square lip.”

How does it make you feel when you hear that rhinos have been poached?
“I feel very worried but angry at the same time because when people poach rhinos they don’t understand that we share the same world. There is not much of a difference between rhinos and ourselves, we have a lot in common. They really do not need to be killed for unnecessary reasons.”

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