Age: 12 years old (Grade 6 C4C Alumni)
School: Ntaba Maria 

What is your favourite memory from C4C?
“My favourite memory is that I got to see an elephant in the wild for the first time. I also learnt interesting facts about animals that I didn’t know before. I wish I could go again. I wish that more people could see animals learn about why they are important.”

If you could do anything to help rhinos, what would you do?
“I would like to be president one day. Not many presidents talk about animals. I will guard and protect animals and make sure that the poachers go to jail for a long time. If everyone knows that the poachers will get caught and go to jail then there will be less poaching.”

What was your favourite activity at C4C?
“My favourite activity was the soccer game where we were rhinos and we had to defend our territory (goals) from the poachers.”

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