After Coaching Conservation staff helped install a water-saving Tippy Tap at Mathiba Primary School, we recently went back to conduct a post-installation survey and see what changes our nudges had created. We had originally done a pre-installation survey to identify the children’s habits and behavior with hand washing, which was a concern. This follow-up survey was intended to monitor these same things and evaluate any behavioral changes that had followed our intervention.

We did the survey amongst 3 classes: Standard 2, 4 and 6, in order to get good representation from lower and upper primary students. The kids’ general knowledge about the virus, social distancing, the need for masks and hand washing was very good, even before we installed the Tippy-Tap. However, with both Pre and post-surveys complete, we identified the following conclusions:

  • However, it seems like our hand washing stations and nudging campaign did have some impact, increasing the overall proportion of kids who washed their hands after visiting the toilets.
  • We also appear to have raised awareness about the fact that the virus cannot travel on its own, and that people can spread the virus even if they don’t have symptoms – both significant results!
  • Interestingly, we also appear to have successfully relayed the message that bushmeat is not safe – an important spin off from this campaign.

Our main objective was for the students to realize how “We are All Connected” and to encourage them to respect themselves and each other by washing their hands and reducing the spread of Covid. We hope we can carry on with this initiative in more schools.

#WeAreAllConnected #WeAreWildEntrust

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